Transform dark workspaces with Solatube sun pipes

Solatube sun tunnels provide bright lighting solutions when working from home

How to stay bright when working from home

With more and more of us working from home due to the Covid restrictions it’s important to ensure you still have good working conditions and often this needs to include access to daylight.

Is your home office or desk too dark?

You may be lucky and have found space in the spare room, but it may be darker than you would like, or perhaps you are squeezed in to part of a hallway or landing with no daylight at all.

For others you may have a lovely garden office or studio (or glorified shed!), but even these can sometimes be too dark.  A Solatube sun pipe can pipe lots (and I mean lots) of bright daylight in to many dark rooms and spaces, including timber sheds and buildings, transforming them in to light, bright and productive work spaces.

Daylight from a Solatube sun tunnel makes work from home so much better

Whatever situation you find yourself in, ensuring you have enough daylight to work in can have the biggest impact on your mood and your productivity and there have been many studies undertaken around the world which go to prove this.

When people live and work in a well-lit environment they are happier, healthier and more productive, because daylight enhances mental and physical well-being.  Imagine the difference between a dark, gloomy room or home office, and one filled with light from a Solatube. It will make you and everyone else feel brighter and happier in your home too, countering the negative effects of SAD.

Solatube sun pipes are quick, easy and cost effective to install in less than a day

As an alternative natural lighting solution Solatube sun tunnels offer one of the easiest and most affordable ways to bring daylight into windowless rooms that need more light, particularly when you are working from home.  They brighten up any room with daylight, both at home and in the working environment and are ideal where planning restrictions prevent the use of a window (no planning permission is required).  In addition, they are a fantastic energy, cost and space-saving solution, which means that for improvements to make when working from home they don’t come much better than this, whilst also adding to the re-sale value of your home.

Feel better and work better in daylight

People work better in daylight as it helps reduce stress and improves concentration levels and reduces eye strain and the likelihood of headaches and migraines. Consequently, you can significantly improve your productivity levels, simply through the introduction of daylight.

A 2003 study of office worker productivity conducted by the California Energy Commission found exposure to daylight was consistently linked with higher levels of concentration and better short-term memory.  (Wall Street Journal, Oct. 19, 2004)

Independent studies prove that daylight also improves learning abilities and increases mental performance all round. Daylight aids concentration and memory retention, demonstrating marked improvements in results.

So, how can you light up your dark or gloomy work space?  Well, a single, small diameter Solatube sun tunnel can provide more than enough light for a single work desk and often enough for an entire room.  They are simple, quick and straightforward to install in half a day, with a minimum of mess, fuss and hassle, unlike a roof window or conventional window.

So, don’t be left in the dark when working from home.  If you need more daylight then pipe it down to where you need it with a Solatube sun tunnel.

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