Solatube Daylight Gallery

Videos of our Solatube installations

Daylight Video Gallery

Take a look and see just how bright a Solatube really is. These short videos are of our own Solatube installations from across the country including Sussex, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire and Cornwall, and show how effectively they can transform a dark room in to a light, bright space.

Daylight Direct Video

Comparing sun tunnel systems

Comparing sun tunnel systems can be difficult, but when you are looking for the best sun tunnel you need to compare the relative light levels each one delivers.

Here is the perfect example showing how the brightest Solatube sun tunnel compares to a cheap, copycat system with a flat glass collector.

Daylight Direct Video

Open plan hallway

Solatube 290DS fills this entrance hall with bright daylight, transforming it from a gloomy space in to a light, bright and welcoming area.

Daylight Direct Video

Cosy ‘snug’ or living room

Solatube 290DS lights up this windowless living space and transforms it from a dark hole in to a bright, usable room.

Daylight Direct Video


A 290DS demonstrates just how well it can light up a dark kitchen, transforming it in to a bright space with a single Solatube.

Daylight Direct Video

6m long hallway

See how a single Solatube 290DS opens up this 6m long dark hallway in to a light, bright hallway. Perfectly shows the before and after difference a Solatube makes.

Daylight Direct Video

Small 3x2m study

See how a 250mm dia Solatube 160DS transforms this small dark study/office in to a light, bright workspace that can be used all day long without the need for lights.

Daylight Direct Video

Dark lobby/hall

From dark lobby to really bright daylight; all with just a single 350mm dia Solatube 290DS – the before and after in this open hallway is impressive.

Daylight Direct Video

Windowless bathroom

Pitch black 3m x 3m washroom at Chard Tennis Club with no window, now superbly lit with a 350mm dia Solatube 290DS.

Daylight Direct Video

Small hallway

See how effective just a small 250mm dia Solatube 160DS is at lighting up this hallway with bright daylight.

Daylight Direct Video


A single Solatube 290DS fills this dark landing/stairwell with bright daylight all day long, also lighting up the entrance hall below.

Daylight Direct Video

Lighting up a dark landing with a Solatube

This was a very dark large landing area, now beautifully lit up with daylight from a single Solatube 290DS.

Daylight Direct Video

Soon to be windowless office now bright enough to work in without the light on

The window is about to be bricked up leaving this office windowless and without daylight. As you can see, this Solatube 290DS makes it bright enough to read and work throughout the day.

Daylight Direct Video

Hallway lit by Solatube 290DS

Shows how effective a Solatube is, revealing the before and after lighting in a long hallway.  Installed by Solatube Southwest in Sussex.

Daylight Direct Video

Bathroom lit by Solatube 160DS

Another dark bathroom transformed with bright daylight thanks to a small Solatube 160DS.