Transform your workspace with Solatubes

Sun tube natural light

Solatubes- the benefits of daylight

Sun pipe natural lighting solutions

Companies with Solatubes see the light

Windowless office? Not near a window? Need more light? Companies with Solatubes ‘get it’.

In offices and factories…

…school, retail, care home, warehouse, sports centre – in fact everywhere.

Use daylight and save energy

It’s electric-free lighting, so bring it in to the workplace  to create a better working environment.

Which size Solatube do you need?

Solatube 330DS

The 330DS delivers a massive amount of daylight and can be used in any large space, including offices, meeting rooms, corridors, factories, warehouses, workshops, studios, shops, sports halls, libraries, and more.

Solatube 290DS

Frequently used in offices and corridors, classrooms and kitchens. Despite its compact size the Solatube 290DS can deliver meaningful amounts of light where space is more restricted.

Solatube 160DS

Small and compact, the Solatube 160DS is ideal for smaller areas and rooms such as w/c’s and small hallways or where it is necessary to just increase existing daylight levels a bit further.

  • Solatube
  • 330DS
  • 290DS
  • 160DS
  • Tube Diameter
  • 530mm / 21”
  • 350mm / 14”
  • 250mm / 10”
  • Light Coverage
  • 25sq.m
  • 18sq.m
  • 10sq.m
  • Tube Length
  • 16m+
  • 9m
  • 6m


All Solatubes can be installed in almost any roof type and any ceiling type, including suspended ceilings and open or vaulted ceilings.

Let there be light

Solatubes can transform the work place providing brighter and improved lighting for staff and workforce. Piping in daylight can enable you to open up and utilise space that was previously too dark, plus there are numerous benefits of daylight including improved worker productivity, reduced stress levels, calmer and hence safer working environments, to mention just a few.  Find out more about the benefits of daylight here.

Solatubes can transform the work place and make significant energy savings whilst providing a better and more productive work environment.


  • A Better Work Environment

    Solatubes enable you to light up dark work places with bright daylight. They can reduce reliance on electric lighting, saving energy and costs, whilst enhancing productivity and worker satisfaction in a vastly improved environment.

  • Top quality design and build

    Solatubes are also by far the best designed system on the market, looking stylish, contemporary and neat and using high quality materials throughout.  They are also manufactured to the highest standards, delivering a top quality solution.

  • Best Performance

    Solatubes are the best performing product in the market place, delivering more light than any other system.  Independent BRE tests support this, which means you can install 20% fewer Solatubes to achieve the same amount of light, and over longer distances too.

  • Reassurance

    Solatubes are a proven and well established technology. They deliver exceptionally strong, bright, ‘working light’ which can negate the need for electric lights during the day, saving costs and improving a company’s green credentials.

  • Compliance and quality

    Solatubes are also recognised as being probably the best designed and engineered systems available and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.  Solatubes are the only tubular daylighting system available with BBA certification and hence compliant with UK building regulations.

Happy customers…

Thanks again for a job well done Nigel and if you should ever require a reference we would only be too glad to do that as we are very pleased with the work you carried out for us on improving the light levels in the Jubilee Lake Local Nature Reserve toilet block.