Tubular daylight system for your home

Interior lighting solutions

Daylight in every room

Solatubes are the perfect natural lighting solution to brighten up almost any room in the home.

As bright as the daylight outside

In fact, you can fit a Solatube almost anywhere you want daylight, but can’t find the space to fit a window.

No planning permission

Plus, a Solatube does not require planning permission, unlike a window.

New dome delivers even more light

Solatube re-designed their dome to perform even better in the daylight conditions of Northern Europe and to counter the now out of date claims being made by competitors.

The new, enhanced Solatube dome delivers even more light than before, throughout the entire day, ensuring that Solatube remains the world’s best tubular daylight system.

Which size Solatube do you need?

Solatube 290DS

Suitable for larger rooms, hallways, kitchens, lounges, landings

Solatube 160DS

Suitable for smaller bathrooms, ensuites, dressing rooms and halls

  • Solatube
  • 290DS
  • 160DS
  • Tube Diameter
  • 350mm / 14”
  • 250mm / 10”
  • Light Coverage
  • 18sq.m
  • 10sq.m
  • Tube Length
  • 9m
  • 6m

Add an electric light

Why not incorporate a light fitting within the tube so that the Solatube becomes the electric light at night – simple!

Add an extractor fan

With a vent integrated around the diffuser, this powerful in-line extractor fan is ideal for ensuite bath/shower rooms and WCs. The vent kit can also be combined with the optional electric light kit for a neat 3-in-1 ceiling fixture, but is only available with the 160DS only.

N.B. also available with the standard Vusion diffuser.

Daylight dimmer

Need to block out the daylight? Often used in bedrooms or meeting/class rooms the electrically operated dimmer uses a ‘butterfly valve’ which lets you adjust how much daylight you let in with the press of a dimmer switch.  Alternatively, a magnetic disc can be supplied to fix over the Solatube, complete with extension pole to reach the ceiling.

Install a Solatube anywhere

  • Corridors
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • En suites
  • Lofts
  • Lounges
  • Dressing rooms
  • Basements

Transform any dark room in to a light bright space

We know you’ll be amazed at how bright they are.  You can really see the difference a Solatube makes to dark rooms and hallways, transforming them from dark and gloomy spaces in to light, bright areas.  Solatubes help free up dark spaces you wouldn’t otherwise use, allowing you to spread out and enjoy the full potential of your home.


  • Take a look...

  • Incredibly bright daylight

    Bright enough to work, read and write under, a Solatube is much brighter than an average light bulb and can transform rooms in to light, bright and airy spaces.

  • Brighter than roof lights

    As bright as a window or roof light several times the size, which means you don’t need such a big hole in your wall or roof to get the same amount of light.

  • Compliance and quality

    The only product of its kind that complies with UK Building Regulations and to be accredited by the British Board of Agrément (BBA Certificate no 08/4597) – an independent statement of safety and quality.

  • Thermally efficient

    So you get bright daylight without the heat gain generated by windows and roof lights in the summer and without the heat loss through larger windows and roof lights during the winter.

  • Brighter with a dome

    A dome on the roof will gather much more light than a flat glass collector, particularly as the Solatube dome incorporates a Fresnel lens which actively diverts more light down the tube.

Happy customers…

Our property was a classic case in need of the tubes because of the rooms with no outside windows. We had a problem to solve and Solatubes provided the answer.  We are delighted with the results and your professional and courteous manner when installing.