Solatube Installation

Solatube lighting solutions for residential and commercial properties


Our Solatube installation service is available for all types of roof, including both residential and commercial properties. We can install throughout the South West, including Somerset, Bristol, Bath, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Wiltshire. Our typical Solatube installation charge is £325 ex VAT.

Typical prices for the supply and installation of a Solatube:

Flat Roof

Typical price for a Solatube supplied and installed in a flat roof

£687ex VAT (£824 inc VAT)
250mm / 10″ dia Solatube 160DS

£844 ex VAT (£1,013 inc VAT)
350mm / 14″ dia Solatube 290DS

Small Room

Typical price for a 250mm / 10″ dia Solatube 160DS with 1.5m tube run

£832 ex VAT (£999 inc VAT)
Supplied and installed in a pitched roof

Large Room

Typical price for a 350mm / 14″ dia Solatube 290DS with 1.5m tube run

£1,053 ex VAT (£1,264 inc VAT)
Supplied and installed in a pitched roof

New dome puts competitor test results in the dark

All our installations use Solatubes new, enhanced dome to ensure the maximum amount of daylight is delivered down in to your room.  Competitor claims of being so much brighter are based on the old style Solatube dome.  However, with our new dome you can be assured you’ll be installing the best system.

Installation takes approximately half a day, but does not cause too much mess or interference as we put dust sheets down and clean and tidy up afterwards. Plus there should be no redecorating or make-good to do, assuming the existing ceilings, roofs, tiles or slates are reasonably sound and in good condition (please note that lath and plaster ceilings are often ‘fragile’ and can sometimes mean that patch repairs are required afterwards at additional cost).  The product comes with a 10 year warranty; the installation comes with a 2 year warranty.

Should you use your own builder?

Whilst a Solatube can be self installed by a competent handyman or builder you may want to consider using our own, experienced fitters.  The instructions and procedures are simple in essence but often require a little more thought, care and attention to detail than a hectic tradesman/builder is prepared to give.  If you are unsure, please consider the experience of Mr Cooper who kindly provided us with the following testimonial:

“I wanted to have the best light tunnel system available and after much swatting-up on the internet, decided upon Solatube.  When I phoned the company’s head office, I was immediately reassured that I had made a good choice.

We were having major alterations made to our property and the local builder we were using said that he had fitted light tunnels before, so we went with him and his team. What a mistake!

When they had finished, it was clear (even to me) that there were basic installation errors. I contacted Solatube headquarters for help. Within minutes Nigel, the local installer from Solatube South West, phoned me and arranged a visit.

As soon as he arrived it was clear he knew his stuff. He identified a number of things that needed to be corrected and we arranged for him to return at a later date to carry out the remedial work.

I wish I had used him from the outset! We now have a very effective, correctly installed system.

I am in no doubt that whilst these systems are not complicated, they need to be installed by people who do it for a living.”

Mr Cooper, Devon.