How Solatubes Work


How a Solatube works

1+2Solatubes new dome was re designed to perform even better in the daylight conditions of Northern Europe and delivers more light than ever before.  Available in either polycarbonate or acrylic, the enhanced dome sits on the roof gathering ambient daylight light from all around and is not dependent on direct sunlight shining down it.


Inside, the tube is lined with the world’s most reflective material (99.7% reflective), which ensures that the maximum amount of light is reflected down to the room below.

Systems which use only 98% reflective material will typically deliver around 20% less light.


A range of diffusers can be fitted to the Solatube where it emerges flush to the ceiling, ensuring the light is diffused and spread evenly throughout the room.

Consequently, a Solatube is able to both gather more light AND deliver more light than other systems.

No wires, no batteries and no CO2 – just bright, electric-free lighting.

Choice of Polycarbonate or Acrylic Roof Dome

It is important to specify the correct dome material for your application:

Solatube BBA Certified polycarbonate roof domes are Tp(a) rated with regard to behaviour in relation to fire and meet the UK Building Regulations (Approved Document B) with regard to fire spread at roof level. As such, they may be installed without restriction* as to their roof position on all UK public, commercial and residential buildings.

In order to guarantee compliance with UK Building and fire Regulations for this product category, we recommend specifying polycarbonate roof dome material.

Alternatively, for applications where Building Regulations permit non-Tp(a) rated roof domes, acrylic (PMMA) roof domes are available. Please note, acrylic domes are not covered by the BBA Certificate and restrictions may apply as to their placement on a roof.

For further information on regulatory advice, see B4 Fire safety: Approved Document B on the government planning portal.

Specific restrictions may apply to commercial “protected stairways”.

Daylight Direct Intro Video

Long dark hallway

See how a 350mm dia Solatube 290DS reveals this 6m long dark hallway in to a light, bright hallway. Perfectly shows the before and after difference a Solatube makes.

Daylight Direct Video

Low light lobby

See how a 350mm dia Solatube 290DS brightens up this dark lobby area, making it bright and welcoming, showing just how well a Solatube spreads and diffuses the light.

Daylight Direct Video

Small gloomy office

See how a 250mm dia Solatube 160DS transforms this small dark room in to a light, bright workspace, clearly  demonstrating the amazing difference a Solatube makes.