Solatube sun tunnel lighting for your workplace

Installing effective and efficient natural lighting

Effective and efficient workplace lighting

Installing Solatubes at work provide many other benefits that can be off-set against the cost of installation.

Energy cost savings
A quick calculation suggests that savings of up to 25% – 50% can be achieved using daylight from Solatubes rather than using electric lights for an average of 8 hours per day.

Save on replacement bulbs and lamps
With lights being used less they will last far longer, cutting down on replacement costs and also the maintenance labour time and inconvenience involved in replacing them.

Increase productivity
Daylight helps reduce stress and improves concentration levels, reducing the likelihood of headaches and increasing productivity by up to 40%.

Reduce recruitment and employee cost
Staff are happier and prefer working in a day lit environment, making it is easier to recruit staff and also encouraging employees to remain in their jobs longer, reducing staff turnover and its associated costs.

Solatubes are thermally efficient
Unlike roof and sky lights, Solatubes do not suffer from heat loss during the winter or heat gain during the summer, helping to reduce both heating and cooling costs. Also being totally inert are  maintenance free, including the domes on the roof which are ‘self-cleaning’.

Add to property value
Companies take all the above in to account when installing Solatubes and acknowledge that they add to the overall appeal, value, marketability and occupant satisfaction of a building, not to mention your ‘green’ credentials.

Daylight Direct is the approved south west distributor and agent for Solatube and during 2010 has worked with Somerset County Council Property Services, having installed Solatubes at Shipham First and Brent Knoll Primary Schools and also at Ashburton in Devon and Tatworth in South Somerset.

Solatubes are an established and proven source of daylight, used and specified in thousands of installations throughout the UK and globally too, including many local authorities, schools, hospitals, plus commercial operations such as Sainsbury’s, BP, The Otter Brewery, Mars, Cardiff Police Station, M&S and more.