Improve natural lighing in your home with Solatubes

Why sun tunnels may be the solution

Reliable and reassuring

Solatubes are a proven and well established product.  Solatube has been producing tubular daylight systems for almost twenty years and has sold over 2 million systems worldwide, making it the largest and most trusted manufacturer of tubular daylight systems in the world.

Full installation service
We install Solatubes across the south of England, from Sussex and right across to Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire and in to Cornwall.

Or you can self-install yourself, if you wish – download our installation guide here.

Solatube sun pipes can be installed in both new build and retrofit and require no structural work.

Residential installation takes approx half a day…
…but does not cause too much mess or interference. Plus there should be no redecorating or make-good to do afterwards, assuming the existing ceilings are reasonably sound.

A Solatube can be installed in almost any roof type…
• Residential and commercial
• Pitched  –  all types of tiles, slates, shingles
• Flat –  felt, singly ply membrane, fibreglass, profiled/corrugated metal roofing sheets
• Or even through a wall

It doesn’t matter which direction your roof faces…
…because a Solatube gathers ambient light from all around and is not dependent on direct sunlight, whereas flat glass collectors and windows /roof windows are. Hence a Solatube will still deliver lots of bright light, even on a north facing pitch, although a south facing pitch will always be better.

Almost any length of tube…
From just a few centimetres (if you are putting one in a timber workshop or garden studio), up to many more metres than you are likely to ever need.  A Solatube can be as short or as long as you need it

Absolutely thrilled with the result! Wish we’d done it sooner!

Excellent installation; Nigel was thorough, polite and conscientious.

Daylight Direct Intro Video
Daylight Direct Intro Video