Solatube Commercial Installations

Creating daylight for dark workspaces

Commercial Installations

Solatubes can be installed in almost any type of commercial roof delivering vast amounts of bright daylight in to dark interiors. Solatubes have been installed in factories and warehouses, schools and hospitals, offices and studios, corridors and meeting rooms, shops and sports halls…

Solatube 330DS
530mm / 21″ dia 330DS

330DS 530mm / 21″ dia COST
Suitable for large spaces including offices, meeting rooms, warehouses, factories, workshops
· Comfortably lights up to 25 sq.m / 270 sq.ft (approx. 5 x 5m or 18′ x 15′)
· Max. recommended tube length 15m+
Base Solatube with no extended tubes for up to 0.40m / 1’4” £1.300
  + Transition box for suspended ceiling grid £200
  + Extra extension tubes per 570mm / 22.5” * £200
Please enquire for installation costs – subject to survey POA

* Subject to thickness of roof