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Tests show that it takes 10 flexible sun tunnels to match the light output of one Solatube.

We often get questions about the differences between daylighting systems that use flexible tubes and those that use the rigid tubes found in Solatube Daylighting Systems.

The brilliant new way to light up dark rooms and interiors.

In the past, if you wanted to illuminate an internal, windowless room, you were forced to use artificial lighting.

How to improve the lighting in your home.

An illuminating guide to environmentally conscious and energy efficient lighting.

When it comes to designing a home, lighting plays a pivotal role in creating a welcoming and functional space.

Top 5 things you need to know about sun tunnels before you buy.

Solatube is the originator of the ‘tubular daylight system’, also known as sun tunnels or sun pipes.

The Benefits of Daylight on Physical and Mental Health.

Light is an essential component of our environment that is crucial to our health and well-being. Daylight, in particular, has been shown to have significant impacts on both our mental and physical health.

Dark or windowless bathroom needs some daylight?

In many homes it is the bathroom or ensuite that is usually lowest down on the list of priorities for daylight.

Comparing prices of sun tunnel systems

If you are considering installing a Solatube sun tunnel and want to know how much a sun tunnel costs to install, you need to read the following.

How much is a Solatube sun tunnel

The most frequent and common installation tends to be for a Solatube sun tunnel with 1.5m/5’ tube length, installed into a pitched roof.

Solatube v’s Lightwell

Is a Solatube sun tunnel as bright as a skylight – you’ll be surprised at the results…

Human Sustainability

A really good article from Solatube America that focuses on the health and well-being aspects of building design in general and of daylight in particular.

Does a sun tunnel work?

I was delighted to have this latest blog by CBG South Inc. in the USA, brought to my attention.

Solatube tax breaks

COP27: Why are there tax breaks and grants for creating MORE renewable energy,
but nothing for solutions that allow you to use NO energy?

Energy saving

Use less energy – install a Solatube sun tunnel and turn off the lights.

Do Solatube sun tunnels really work?

Exploding some of the myths around the pros and cons of tubular skylights.

Home Renovations

Another interesting feature on the increasing popularity of tubular daylighting systems.

Solatube sun tunnels keep energy costs down

As energy prices continue to head through the roof, I thought it might be helpful to explain how Solatube sun tunnels might be able to help reduce both your lighting and heating bills.

What are the benefits of natural light in your home?

Natural light can not only reduce your electric bill, it can also brighten your mood.

Has your conservatory/sun room extension left you in the dark?

We all love a bit of extra space and most often we like to add or extend out at the back of the house.

Thinking About Putting In Skylights? Think Again

I came across this article the other day and thought it is a useful reminder on a topic I have already spoken about regarding the comparison between skylights and Solatubes or tubular sun tunnels. SO here goes again for those who missed out.

Don’t believe what everyone tells you about sun tunnels

I recently spoke to a customer who was very keen to have a Solatube sun pipe installed. I talked them through all the details and explained how they worked and they seemed very happy with everything.

If you want to see you art in the best daylight…

I came across this great example of how Solatube sun pipes were able to solve a major design challenge in a key new building – The Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in Dundee. I hope that you’ll also find it interesting and inspiring.

Solatube sun tunnels recognised as one of the solutions to protect the environment at COP26

I’ve long been an advocate for a more sustainable way of living, so I was extremely happy when Solatube were identified and selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation as a genuine solution to help cut energy use by delivering daylight in to dark rooms and buildings.

Living and working in the dark

Sometimes a Solatube sun tunnel installation is impractical, but access to daylight is important for your health.

Working from home? Want to know how to get more day light in to your home office?

Benefit from a brighter and lighter study / converted bedroom / garden studio with day light piped inside with a sun tube or sun tunnel.

Why is a Solatube the best skylight/sun tunnel system?

Now here’s an interesting point; when you’re looking for the best tubular skylight / sun tunnel it’s likely to be a Solatube sun pipe.

Solatube Accreditations

We’ve been asked a few times recently what accreditations a Solatube sun pipe has, hence this latest blog.

A Solatube sun tunnel without a dome? You can now

If you want daylight without a dome, Solatube now offers the solution. It’s a frequently asked question: do you have to have a dome on the roof – isn’t there a flat option?

Can you use a solar tube (or sun tunnel) on a flat roof?

I am frequently asked if a Solatube sun tunnel can be installed in a flat roof, and the simple answer is, ‘of course you can’.

Solatubes continuous development keeps it the brightest choice

This week I’ve picked up on a piece by Solatube International that explains the significant and ongoing process of development and improvement that goes on at Solatube.

And now for something completely different!

Now, this is a totally non-technical and non-scientific blog which tries to explain how a Solatube sun tunnel can help lighten up your home and your life.

Dispelling some myths about Solatube sun pipes

There remains a lot of misinformation about sun tunnel systems particularly about how bright a Solatube sun tunnel system is and how much light it actually delivers: Solatube sun tunnels, or sun pipes, can fill even large rooms and hallways with LOTS of very bright daylight.

What can you do if you have a dark landing?

Some of the most impressive installations I’ve made have been in landings and stair wells and this is often because the light can flood down from the ceiling, lighting up both the first floor landing as well as the stairs and hallway below.

How bright is a Solatube sun tunnel compared to a light bulb?

This is a frequently asked question and the answer is both far more obvious than you might think, whilst also being a little more confusing! So let me try to explain about how bright a Solatube can be.

Would you like to know how to brighten up a dark hall with a Solatube?

If you live in a bungalow with a dark hallway, or if you have a dark upstairs landing/hall then there is a way to get more day light in to dark rooms.

How to brighten up your kitchen with a Solatube

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the home, these days – the hub and centre of family life; the focus of everything that goes on.

Want to know how you can cut out or dim the light from your Solatube sun tunnel, now we have the sunshine back?

It’s not often we say this, but sometimes your Solatube can be too bright, particularly now we have the sunshine back.

Do Solatubes leak?

A frequently asked question and a very understandable one too. After all, no one wants to be worrying about whether water will start dripping inside their home once a sun tunnel installation has been completed – do they?

Solatube review the past 30 years

So Solatube are celebrating 30 years since inventing the original sun tunnel idea; a tubular skylight that pipes bright daylight down a highly reflective tube to light up dark interiors – congratulations! But what does it mean for the customer?

Solatube reflectivity

Since I tried to explain the difference in the amount of light you get from different types of tube, quite a number of people have expressed not just surprise, but a lot of interest in this aspect of Solatube sun pipes.

Solatube v’s Velux style roof windows

Let’s make one thing extremely clear from the start – I am not against Velux style roof windows.

How to get bright daylight in to your garage conversion

Increasingly we are seeing more and more people converting garages, sheds and outbuildings in to new work spaces, as the ‘work from home ethic’ continues to build momentum as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

What makes a Solatube sun tunnel the brighter choice?

When choosing a sun tunnel system to light up dark areas of your home, there are a number of important considerations to bear in mind, particularly as not all sun tunnel systems are created equal.

What we need to know to give you a price

Providing you with a price for a Solatube is a simple task and is best achieved with a quick chat over the phone in order to clarify a few details.

Part of a bigger organisation

When you’re choosing a sun tunnel, only Solatube give you real peace of mind.

Does a Solatube sun tunnel need cleaning?

I’ve heard that they can fill up with dust and flies – is this true?

Top 5 FAQ’s about Solatube sun pipes

      1. How bright is a Solatube sun pipe?
      2. Do Solatube sun tunnels leak?
      3. What’s the difference between flexible and rigid tubing?
      4. Why use a dome rather than a skylight?
      5. How much does a Solatube cost?

Solatube Energy Care Optima – now even more thermally efficient

Improved Solatube Installation keeps the heat in and the noise out.

See this real life sun tunnel comparison between a dome and a flat glass collector, and rigid versus flexi tube

I was recently asked to replace 2 flexi tube, flat-glass-collector sun tunnel systems that a customer had inherited when they moved in to their bungalow.

Pay attention class – did you know that daylight improves your learning ability?

Here’s something everyone should learn and remember – daylight increases children’s learning performance. Now repeat after me…

Why is daylight in your home so important?

Four reasons why daylight is important in your home.

Caution! Some acrylic roof domes may not comply with UK Building Regulations for fire spread.

In the light of major concerns over building cladding flammability, always ask for the roof dome classification, otherwise your home may be at risk.

The importance of good lighting in the home workplace

With COVID-19 coronavirus keeping many of us working from home these days, it’s a good idea to make sure you benefit from the best possible daylight in your workplace.

Solatube sun pipe tube lengths – the long and the short of it

Can you can fit a short Solatube through a flat roof, or a long Solatube through the room above?

North, South, East or West – does it matter which direction a Solatube dome faces?

This is a question that so often arises that it is a serious contender for “most asked question”, when considering sun tunnels and where they should be installed.

How easy is it to install a Solatube sun tunnel

Sun pipes are really quite simple and straightforward to install, provided you know what you are doing.  Fortunately they do not require planning permission as they fall under a different category to windows, skylights and Velux style roof windows.

Suffering from the winter blues?

Daylight from a Solatube sun tunnel can lift your mood

Three Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Look And Feel Bigger

Make your bathroom appear twice as large with these three clever visual tricks

Bright Daylight in; Minimum heat loss out

Are Solatube sun tunnels more thermally efficient than a roof light?

Nigel Beale from Solatube Southwest explains…

How to stay bright when working from home

With more and more of us working from home due to the Covid restrictions it’s important to ensure you still have good working conditions and often this needs to include access to daylight.

Only Solatube offers a stunning range of diffusers to choose from

Solatube Diffusers for Beautiful Daylight Delivery

The ultimate weatherproof roof flashing for your sun tunnel

To guarantee a totally leak-free and weatherproof roof installation, Solatube has developed the NEW Premium roof flashing.

Solatube – the skylight alternative  – Top 5 explanations about sun tunnels

Do sun tunnels leak, is condensation a problem, is a Solatube well insulated and how long will a light tunnel last.

Solatube – the skylight alternative  – Top 6 things you should know

Solatube is the originator of the ‘tubular daylight system’, also known as sun tunnels or sun pipes.

Top 5 reasons why the new Solatube dome outperforms the competition

NEW Solatube dome delivers the most light!

Solatube has continued its strategy to carry out research and development in to sun tunnel technology.

Is BBA Certification relevant for a sun tunnel system?

BBA Certification confirms the safety, suitability and compliance of a product for use in our homes and all buildings.

Without it, it is not possible to be certain that the product you are using will deliver on its claims and promises.

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