Daylight Direct Solatubes- part of a bigger organisation

Experienced sun tunnel installer with global backing

Part of a bigger organisation

When you’re choosing a sun tunnel, only Solatube give you real peace of mind.

Sun tunnels come in all shapes and sizes, but with a Solatube sun pipe you know that you’re dealing with the best.

It’s just me

When you talk to Solatube Southwest, you are talking to an experienced and knowledgeable individual (that’s me, Nigel Beale), with 14 years of successful Solatube installations completed. That means you get a personal response and a tailored Solatube proposal with price details specific to you. You’re not dealing with admin staff who know little of the product, it’s just me!

Or is it…?

Because behind the personal, one-to-one relationship I develop with my Solatube sun pipe customers, there’s actually a global, multinational business, called Solatube International, buzzing away serving countries all around the world, each with their own distribution network.

Reassurance – guaranteed

So, you’re 10 year product warranty that comes with every Solatube product is not going to suddenly vanish overnight. Your warranty is a manufacturer’s backed warranty and this is no ‘fly-by-night’ operation, like many of the smaller companies selling copy-cat sun tunnel systems that are out there. Solatube is a giant, world-wide operation and is not going to suddenly disappear.

BBA Accreditation does not come easily

And it’s this large operation that ensures the resources are available which allow Solatube to gain BBA Accreditation for all its products; something that companies selling copy-cat systems are unable to achieve because they don’t deliver on quality. And much of this is down to the ongoing product development that Solatube invests in, ensuring that not only the design is continually improved but that the high grade quality of materials used is maintained in order to deliver a top quality product all round.

Designed for purpose

It’s worth bearing in mind that Solatube was the original inventor of the sun tunnel concept and system:

    • Solatube were aware of a problem that needed resolving (how to get daylight deep in to the interior of buildings where windows and roof lights were not appropriate)
    • Solatube therefore set an objective and designed a solution that solved the problem and the Solatube was borne.

However, other systems out there have simply tried to copy the Solatube with the objective of making it cheaper; not making it better, but trying to cut corners. And that’s why Solatube sun pipe systems remain the best in the world; by not cutting corners and remaining true to the original objective.

Which is why being part of an international company has its benefits. So remember, even though you have the backing of a global operation, you still have a direct line to a personal, friendly and experienced installer, available at the end of a phone, message or email, to answer any of your sun tunnel questions, however stupid you may think they are (they’re probably not, so ask away as I’m always happy to help).

If you are interested in bringing natural light into your home, why not give us a call at Solatube Southwest to find out whether a Solatube sun pipe can help you. Typically, a fully installed system might cost anywhere between £900 – £1,200; that’s supplied, professionally installed and includes the VAT.

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