Solatubes- the benefits of daylight

Sun tunnel natural lighting solutions

Daylight is the best way to show off any building; just walk in to any brightly lit interior and it feels far more comfortable and welcoming than a dark, gloomy or poorly lit space. Take a look at the enormous range of benefits that daylight can bring to every home and work space.

People feel better

When people live and work in a well-lit environment they are happier, healthier and more productive, because daylight enhances mental and physical well-being.  Imagine the difference between a dark, gloomy room, and a home filled with light from a Solatube. It will make you and everyone else feel brighter and happier in your home too, countering the negative effects of SAD.

Brighter, warmer

A Solatube is the most EFFICIENT way of getting light inside, delivering as much light as a window or roof light several times the size. This is because a Solatube uses a dome which gathers much more light than a flat glass collector.  Consequently, you lose far less heat through a Solatube than through a much larger Velux window or roof light; and during the summer you won’t suffer from heat gain either.

Alternative light

As an alternative natural lighting solution Solatube sun pipes offer one of the easiest and most affordable ways to bring daylight into windowless rooms that need more light.  They brighten up any room with daylight, at home and in the working environment and are ideal where planning restrictions prevent the use of a window – a fantastic energy, cost and space-saving solution.

Health care

Natural lighting = good health and wellbeing: Natural day-lighting encourage a feeling of well-being.  Daylight has been proved to maintain better levels of health and in hospitals, care homes and health care facilities Solatubes have been shown to help aid and speed patient recovery times, cutting waiting times and freeing up beds.  So help improve health, concentration, stress and well-being with a simple, natural commodity – daylight.

Improve work

People work better in daylight as it helps reduce stress and improves concentration levels and reduces the likelihood of headaches. Consequently, you can significantly improve workforce productivity levels, simply through the introduction of daylight.  In addition, these factors can help with the recruitment of better staff and improves employee retention levels, by providing a ‘better’ and more inspiring work environment.

Better education

Independent studies prove that daylight improves learning abilities and increases performance in schools. Daylight aids concentration and learning abilities, particularly in learning and educational environments where marked improvements in results have been shown. Students perform far better when taught in daylight conditions demonstrating higher results for individual schools.

Great for retailers

When used in retail environments studies have shown that daylight can increase sales by presenting products in a better and more appealing light, whilst ensuring customers are in a positive frame of mind. Tests demonstrate that retail sales can increase by up to 40% under daylight conditions.  Ultimately this is because daylight just makes people feel better.

Cut energy costs

Significant cost and energy savings of between 25-50% and more have been demonstrated in commercial applications.  Solatubes are a great way to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and cut electricity bills.  Solatubes are an eco-friendly, efficient and carbon-free lighting solution using no electricity, plus there are no working parts so very little can go wrong.

Adding value

Companies take all the above in to account when installing Solatubes and acknowledge that they add to the overall appeal, value, marketability and occupant satisfaction of a building, not to mention their ‘green’ credentials.  Not only will you add value to your commercial and residential properties, you’ll be helping to reduce energy demand and costs for your lighting too.